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                            College of Vocational and Continuing Education


                            The continuing education of Central China Normal University originated from the higher correspondence education founded in 1955. It started the self-study exam for higher education in 1985, the higher vocational and technical education in 2000, the modern distance education in 2000, the non-degree educational training in 2005, and now has been initially established as a high-level continuing education system with teachers' educational characteristics, diverse forms and rich resources. It provides academic compensation, skills training and cultural education for more than 300,000 members of the society and has made important contributions to improving the quality of the people, promoting the country's modernization drive, and building a lifelong education system and a learning society.

                            The College of Vocational and Continuing Education (CVCE) is the school's centralized management of adult higher education, modern distance education, the self-study examination of higher education, and various non-degree continuing education units and functional departments. It also acts as a specialized institution for the training of various high-level professionals in the society.

                            During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, CVCE adhered to the school-running philosophy of “taking students as the foundation, running schools according to law, paying attention to quality, and taking into account the benefits”; Continuing education is gradually transformed from the scale expansion to the quality-oriented connotative development. The focuses on the standard, development, characteristics and quality have become the striving direction of continuing education development. By 2018, the CVCE has established a cooperative education relationship with 78 learning centers in 22 provinces and autonomous regions. It has more than 70,000 students and an average annual training of more than 50,000 person-times. There are 1 set of network education platform with 8 core subsystems and 1 set of teacher distance training network training platform with 5 core systems. The newly revised talent training program in 2017 has set up 23 majors including Social Work, Pedagogy, Preschool Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Real estate Development and Management, covering three levels: Top-up Program, high school diploma upgrade to Junior College diploma, and high school diploma upgrade to bachelor degree. The academic Journal of Continuing Higher Education was publicly distributed to the whole country to promote theoretical research and academic exchanges in continuing education.

                            In the current era of knowledge economy, continuing education has become the main type of education to enhance adult knowledge and skills, and is an important way to build a learning society and a strong country rich in human resources. The CVCE will adhere to the philosophy of “survive by quality, promote efficiency by service, expand market by characteristics, seek development by innovation”, take the national education strategy as its mission, take social development and market demand as the guide, fully rely on the academic advantage of the school, make extensive use of high-quality social resources, steadily develop academic education, vigorously expand non-academic education, and actively carry out international cooperative education to provide high-level and multi-form adult education with higher education and non-degree education for people from all walks of life. (Updated: September 12, 2018)

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