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                            School of Educational Information Technology


                            The School of Educational Information Technology (SEIT) makes moral education as the basic mission, and leads a student-centered, instructor-led educational philosophy. SEIT has become a well-known basis for research and the cultivation of innovative educators in the fields of educational technology, digital media and technology, and science education and communications. There are three departments in SEIT, which are the Department of Educational Technology, the Department of Digital Media and Technology, and the Department of Science Education and Communications. There are more than 1,000 students in this school, including undergraduates, master, and Ph.D students.

                            SEIT has three undergraduate programs, which are Educational Technology, Digital Media and Technology, and Science Education. The major of Educational Technology is a featured major on the national level, and also a key subject on the provincial level. The major of digital media and technology has been elected to be a general university strategic emerging (pillar) industrial talents cultivation program. SEIT is one of the first batch of demonstration universities on the integration of digital media production and education. The major of Science Education and Communications has an interdisciplinary and international group of faculty members. The major of Educational Technology, Digital Media and Technology, and Science Education and Communications rank 1st, 8th, and 7thin the ranks of the undergraduate majors in Chinese universities in 2017-2018.

                            SEIT has three fulltime master programs, Educational Technology, Digital Media and Technology, and Science Education and Communications, two Ph.D program, Educational Technology, and Educational Information Science and Technology, and a full time professional graduate program, Advanced Instructional Technology. SEIT is also the training base for Ed.D, M.Ed. in higher education, K-12 education, informationalization in agriculture, and agricultural scientific organization and service. SEIT was ranked A among the education-related majors in the 4thnational higher education evaluation.

                            In these years, SEIT pays great importance on technology-enhanced instruction and innovations in the classroom. A batch of national and provincial level practice bases have been set up. SEIT also focuses on internationalization and have had excellent faculty members with international backgrounds. The summer school on innovative education taught by famous scholars from top universities such as Harvard University, Stanford University has been held for 4 years. Excellent students from SEIT have been sent to study abroad programs. Lots of SEIT students have been supported to participate the competitions in research, project development, and innovations, and their innovative skills have been improved via participation. SEIT also enjoys a strong faculty team with 64 faculty members in total, among them, there are 12 professors, 15 associate professors, 1 Yangze River Scholar, and 4 Chutian Scholar; 13 doctoral student advisors and 40 master student advisors. Up 80% of the faculty possess international background. SEIT faculty has more than 60 projects received the more than RMB 80000000 from the funds of Ministry of Education’s Philosophy and Social Science Key Projects, National Science –technology Support Projects, National 863 Plan Projects, National Social Science Projects, and National Educational Plan Projects. More than 60 monographs and textbooks have been published and more than 120 patents have been issued. More than 60 papers have been indexed. SEIT has the most advanced instructional facilities in China. The National Experiment and Teaching Center for Art and Social Sciences of SEIT is the most important service platform for the experiment instruction in CCNU. National Digital Learning Engineering and Technology Research Center, National Lab on the Application of Educational Big Data, and The Center of Collaborative Innovation on the Informationization and Basic Educational Equilibrium are also co-developed with SEIT.

                            SEIT students benefits from the excellent educational resources and have strong professional and comprehensive expertise. The official employment rate is as high as 98% in these years. Lots of students have been admitted to the graduate schools of famous universities in and abroad. Lots of graduates have got the jobs in top schools and corporations such as BAT(Baidu, Ali, Tencent), and well-known media organizations. SEIT students have outstanding performances in national competitions such as Internet +, Challenger Cup, Creation of Youth, Mathematical Modeling, and Computational Design. SEIT students also received the Presidential Award for excellence, and Voice of University outstanding startup team award. The “Star Volunteer Team” of SEIT has obtained titles of honor such as National Outstanding Social Practice and Service Team, and been reported by many mainstream media organizations.

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